90 Minute Massage with Hot Stone Add-On with Robyn Boardley LMT

Current Special Price - $100.00

Regular Price - $135.00

Just in time for cooler temps - This session is designed to provide a thorough full body Massage & allowing ample time for one or two areas of focus while integrating the use of Hot Basalt Stones throughout your session to ease muscular tension.

90 Minute Session with Muscle Calm Add-On with John Pells LMT

Current Special Price - $90.00

Regular Price - $125.00

Enjoy the benefits of integrating our signature product, Muscle Calm, into your 90 minute Therapeutic Massage Session. This topical product produces zero psychotropic side effects while relaxing tense muscles & providing pain relief.

75 Minute Session with Aromatherapy Steamed Towel Add-On with Colleen Campbell LMT

Current Special Price - $80.00

Regular Price - $115.00

This session length is designed for providing a fabulous full body Massage while allowing for extra time to focus on one or two areas of the body while integrating the use of steamed towels steeped in the scent of your choice. Each area of your body is compressed & wiped clean, leaving your skin smooth & fresh with the lingering aroma of essential oils. Seasonal Scents to choose from are: ~Vanilla ~ Eucalyptus ~ Lavender

* Please note - Current Specials may not be combined with Wellness Incentives *