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Did you know that your skin is your body's largest organ? Remove toxic chemicals from your home care routine with our fabulous products.
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 Eu-Cal Oil of Eucalyptus is the World's most powerful because it is double distilled. The United States Pharmacopoeia mandates that medicinal Eucalyptus oil must be a minimum of 70% cineole content, the active ingredient. Eu-Cal is rated at 80-88% cineole. 

 It is Double Distilled true Australian Eucalyptus Oil. Most Eucalyptus oil in the market is distilled in China. Many brands have fillers in them and carry around 40% cineole content. Your nose will be able to smell the difference.

 Because of its strength and purity, Eu-Cal will relieve symptoms of sinus, colds, asthma, sore throats, and other respiratory problems. It soothes and penetrates the skin to bring quick relief to arthritic and rheumatic sufferers. It is effective when used for cold sores and other skin irritations.

Pure Australian Medicinal Oil of Eucalyptus

Cape Cod Massage Muscle Calm

 A Cape Cod Massage original creation, this muscle balm is designed to relieve pain and tension using a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients. Sarah MacDonald LMT created Muscle Calm specifically for clients experiencing regular, chronic pain. 

 Sarah observed the hopelessness and fear these individuals were experiencing while trying to manage their pain without the use of dangerous opioid prescription medicine. After months of research, Sarah developed Muscle Calm, a potent blend of natural anti-inflammatories, including Cannabidiol fluid. 

 To ensure the legality of offering this product to customers, this Cannabidiol fluid contains only 1% THC to 99% CBD concentration, causing zero psychotropic effects. Prior to the release of this product to the public, Sarah made the proactive step of contacting our local State Legistlature's Office where she received positive feedback and permission to offer this product.

 She's was just a girl from Vermont that moved to the Cape in 2001. She instantly fell in love with everything Cape Cod had to offer. After years of trying to find her calling, she ended up in Buzzards Bay with her husband. 
 Soon after, she wanted to look into other things she could make for my family. The soap, conditioner and cleaning products she was buying from the grocery store had a laundry list of ingredients and some weren't that great to be using. So, she taught myself how to make soap. 

 From there she challenged herself by making Bath Salts, Salves Scrubs and eventually men's Beard Waxes and Oils.
  She's now proud to offer these all natural and Organic products to everyone!

By the Bay Farm Products

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