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Cape Cod Massage


3821 Falmouth Road Suite 7A

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United States


90 Minute Therapeutic Massage with 30 Minute Mini-Facial

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Enjoy a relaxing 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage followed by a 30 Minute Mini-Facial with one of our incredible Therapists! At Cape Cod Massage, all-natural products are a must! We use Andalou Naturals skin care products for our Mini-Facial Services. Choose your products based on skin type or skin goals:


Current Special - $170.00

Regular Price - $195

75 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Foot Scrub Add-On

Leave our office with incredibly soft feet! This incredible 75 Minute Service includes a  75 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Foot Scrub Add-On. During your session, your feet will be gently exfoliated using our organic scrubs, helping to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, and soften your feet! Once the scrub is wiped clean, we apply a veil of warm shea butter to your skin, providing a deep moisturizing treatment. Our Body Scrubs are hand-made with only the best natural products!

Current Scrubs to Choose From Include:
I LOVE FALL - Honey, Almond, Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub
SPRING IN A JAR - Bergamot, Geranium, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
WINTER BLUES - Peppermint, Green Tea, Coffee Scrub

Current Special Price - $100.00

Regular Price - $115.00

30 Minute Reiki energy work with Oracle reading & guided meditation finished with a 10 minute Infrared Sauna

These last few years have brought about many changes both in the world and in our lives. This session is designed to help center you on your new direction and bring you to a blissful remembrance of the person you want to grow into as we move forward into this new reality.  For this session we ask you to wear comfortable clothes and we will do a full body reiki body scan finding all the places where you are blocked followed by an Oracle reading with guided meditation. Finished with an Infrared Sauna, bathed in the color indicated for healing. Session will very depending on healing indicated and will be a full hour session. 

Current Special Price- $80

Regular Price-$100

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60 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy Steamed Towels and 20 Minute Infrared Sauna 

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Enjoy a fabulous 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy Steamed Towels and then move to our gorgeous Infrared Sauna area. Fully equipped with comfortable attire and relaxing music, our Infrared Sauna with Color Therapy is ready and waiting to help you completely relax! Leave our office with increased circulation, healthy glow and decreased muscular/joint pain.

Current Special Price - $115.00

Regular Price - $130.00


90 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Peppermint Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

Treat yourself to a fabulous 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Peppermint Tea Tree Scalp Treatment. Leave your scalp feeling refreshed & moisturized with this wonderful leave-in application. Our all-natural Tea Tree Peppermint scalp product is gently massaged into your hair to increase shine, remove excess oils, & keep your hair healthy.

Current Special Price - $125.00

Regular Price - $140.00

50 Minute Body Polish Treatment

This 50 Minute Treatment is perfect for these cooler temps & the dry skin that comes along with it! Each area of your body is compressed with steamed towels, then gently exfoliated & moisturized to leave you feeling soft & fresh.

Body Polish Bars to Choose From:


Current Special Price - $85.00

Regular Price - $100.00

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage with Muscle Calm or Joyful Joints Add-On

Enjoy the benefits of integrating our signature products, Your choice of Original Muscle Calm or New CBD Aromatherapy w/ lemongrass, Joyful Joints, into your 90 minute Therapeutic Massage Session. This topical product produces zero psychotropic side effects while relaxing tense muscles & providing pain relief.


Current Special Price - $110.00

Regular Price - $125.00

* Please note - Current Specials may not be combined with Community Wellness Incentives *