We believe Massage Therapy is an integral part of any self-care routine. We offer several options to make integrating Massage Therapy into your Wellness plan easy & affordable.

New Client Incentive

All local New Clients are eligible to receive a 75 Minute Therapeutic Massage Session for only $75.00! A $25.00 discount off our regular rate. Therapists currently accepting New Clients include: Heather Pastore LMT, Colleen Campbell LMT, Robyn Boardley LMT, Heather Hornsby LMT, Loren C. Wein LMT, Barb Collette LMT & Karen Connors LMT.

Community Wellness Incentive

All School Personnel, Police Officers, Firefighters, Military Personnel, Medical Personnel & Massage Therapists receive 25% off our regular rates for ALL our services! You dedicate your lives to taking care of us. We're here to encourage you to take care of yourself. Whether you are a Nurse, School Bus Driver, or Dispatcher - We've Got It Covered!

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Self-Care Incentive

Receive $10.00 OFF your session when you pre-schedule your next appointment within 4 weeks! 

Receive $20.00 OFF your session when you pre-schedule your next appointment within 2 weeks! 

Senior Wellness Incentive

Receive 25% OFF your sessions when you pre-schedule your appointments monthly!

~  Please note, the above mentioned incentive programs may not be combined with Current Special Promotions  ~

Referral Rewards

Share the wellness! Receive a $5.00 CREDIT for every new client you refer to us! Use these credits as you earn them or save them up toward free services!

~Referral Reward credits may be combined with our Wellness Incentives & Current Specials~